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Andy Lipkis

Founder & President
Andy Lipkis founded TreePeople at age 18 in 1973, and serves as its President today. Since its founding nearly 40 years ago, TreePeople has inspired, mobilized and supported volunteers in planting and caring for more than two million trees in the Los Angeles region. The organization brings together people, trees, and forest-inspired ‘green infrastructure’ to protect cities against droughts and floods, prevent water and air pollution, and mitigate and adapt to climate change. He is the recipient of numerous local, national and international awards, and has appeared in television and films, most recently Leonardo di Caprio’s “11th Hour” and “Dirt! The Movie.” Currently, Andy is working with TreePeople and numerous partners on a ten-year plan to scale urban watershed management solutions. The goal is to accelerate Los Angeles’ transformation to a climate resilient, safe, healthy and sustainable city.