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The Virtual Dinner Guest Project

Virtual Dinner Guest Project Founder, Eric Maddox is a 2013 Ashoka Affiliate Fellow.The Virtual Dinner Guest Project connects people from around the world at their dinner tables with a Skype call.The VDG Project goes way beyond sharing a meal and conversation, we are about revolutionizing the public's media consumption and production patterns, and empowering everyday citizens to engage in direct diplomacy and collaborative projects across borders. VDGP is a global project that is based in the Middle East and North Africa Region. Previous partners have included the Yale World Fellows Program, National Public Radio, medical relief staff from a Syrian IDP camp, and artists in the Gaza Strip. Our work was recently profiled in the MENA policy resource, Muftah.org, as well as The Christian Science Monitor.Virtual Dinner Guest Project founder, Eric Maddox, completed his graduate field research in International Conflict Resolution in the West Bank in '07-'08. Eric has personally launched the project from: Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Jordan, and FSA-controlled Syria. Eric is in Washington for June and July, fund-raising and connecting to universities, NGO's, and grassroots media organizations. Please feel free to contact us for more information.