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Kevin Kirby

Kevin Kirby is in long-term remission from the disease of addiction and a long-time recovery advocate. In 2003, Kirby founded Transitional Living Corporation (TLC), a non-profit organization in Sioux Falls, S.D., dedicated to advocating for and implementing the community’s 12-step program of recovery. In 2008, he co-founded Face It TOGETHER® Sioux Falls, a groundbreaking organization charged with fundamentally transforming the community’s treatment and recovery system from an acute care to chronic disease approach. In 2010, Kirby and his co-founder, Charlie Day, launched a nationally focused non-profit organization, Face It TOGETHER® to scale the successful model created in Sioux Falls. The organization is dedicated to empowering communities with innovative, sustainable and proven tools to attract millions of Americans to recovery from addiction. Kirby is an experienced board-level strategist in a wide array of settings with special interest and skill in strategic planning. He has extensive handson experience in finance, investments and senior management in both for-profit (private and public) and non-profit sectors, including public/private collaborative ventures. He is also a philanthropist and seasoned fundraiser. Kirby previously served as a director for Faces and Voices of Recovery, one of the nation’s leading advocates for recovery