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Cures Within Reach
Dr. Bruce Bloom is currently President and Chief Science Officer of Cures Within Reach, a 501c3 that has been saving lives since 2005 by repurposing approved drugs and devices to deliver fast, safe and affordable treatments and cures for common and rare disorders that have no current effective therapy. Dr. Bloom was elected an International Ashoka Social Entrepreneur Fellow in 2010. Ashoka recognizes social entrepreneurs for their system-changing solutions to the world’s most urgent social problems. Dr. Bloom joins the ranks of 2,800 Fellows in over 60 countries around the world who are working for social change to improve society. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Medicine, Chicago.Dr. Bruce E. Bloom holds a JD from Chicago Kent College of Law, a DDS from University of Illinois Medical Center, and a BS in Biology from University of Illinois Urbana. Dr. Bloom’s business and entrepreneurial experience spans both not-for-profit and for-profit work in medical research, law, healthcare, insurance, regulatory affairs, product development, food service, art, and education. Dr. Bloom currently serves as a the Chair of the Charles E. Culpeper Science Advisory Boards, a Board member of the Menninger Clinic Foundation, a Trustee of the Kendall College Charitable Trust, a member of the Board of Councilors of Midwestern University, a Board member of the Judy Hirsch Foundation, and a Client Advisor to Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. Dr. Bloom is a host of the Clinician’s Roundtable heard on ReachMD.com and on XM 161, and is a facilitator for Pathways to Successful Living. In the 1990’s, as Senior VP-Healthcare Professional Liability at both Kemper Casualty Company and CNA HealthPro, he was responsible for all corporate functions including sales and marketing, operations, finance, IT, legal, risk management, product development, HR and regulatory affairs. Dr. Bloom served as the International Director of Professional Relations and Clinical Affairs at Bausch and Lomb Oral Care Division, where he supervised clinical research and participated in product development and regulatory affairs. Dr. Bloom was the Associate Director of Clinical Research for the National Patent Development Corporation and Vice-President of the consulting firm American Dental Examiners.