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Dana Leman is the Exectuive Vice President on the Randomkid board and a Founder, and facilitates in the development and implementation of kid-directed ventures and corporate partnerships. A woman of diverse interests, Dana has a teaching certificate in Kohlberg Studies in Moral Education from Harvard University, and was a regular guest lecturer out of the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. She wrote and hosted an educational television program centered around family values entitled "Light One Candle" which won the nationally acclaimed Charles Goodall Award for Excellence, and was a free-lance project designer for Better Homes and Gardens' "Do-It-Yourself" special interest publication. Called "Helping Hands", the magazine feature showcased creative home-projects for kids. What does Dana love most about RandomKid? "EVERYTHING! There is nothing more fulfilling than helping a child to help another."