Eva Basilion

Living Room Chat 
Eva Basilion is a public health researcher and child advocate. She is Co-founder of the Living Room Chat program, a grassroots parent education and support program in Cleveland. She serves on the Board of the Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development whose mission is to foster the long-term emotional well-being of children using psychoanalytically-informed theory and practice. Prior to the birth of her second child, she worked as an epidemiologist for a public-private initiative led by Pfizer, Inc. and the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation for the global elimination of trachoma, the world’s leading preventable cause of blindness. Her published research includes seminal studies on drug delivery systems in developing countries and on the economic costs associated with disease morbidity and mortality. Eva has a BA in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and an MS from the Harvard School of Public Health.