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Megan Deal

Little Things Labs
Lead Designer
Megan Deal is the Lead Designer for Little Things Labs. In 2009, Megan co-lead the development of PieLab, a pie shop, job-training center and cultural hub in Greensboro, Alabama. To date, PieLab has employed 12 people in Hale County, graduated 34 students from the Youthbuild program in restaurant management and hospitality, and continues to serve as a welcoming place of community engagement for countless others. Megan’s work in the rural south, helped shape her understanding of how simple, small, person-to-person gestures can often lead to larger-scale impact. A radical pragmatist by nature, Megan is fascinated by questions and driven by a need to solve problems. Her aptitude in sense-making coupled with her ability to rapidly prototype visual solutions, allows Megan and her collaborators to explore a wide range of possibilities quickly and efficiently. Megan’s views on design and its place in improving the human condition is informed by her early work with Project M, an immersive program for young designers wishing to apply their design sensibilities for the common good. Her work in place-based problem-solving is shaped by an affinity for Detroit, a city whose future will largely be determined by how effectively we address the pressing social, economic and civic challenges infiltrating the urban fabric today. Megan approaches every endeavor with the same core values: work small, work simply, work quickly. Megan is a graduate of the College for Creative Studies, where she serves as an adjunct professor, teaching courses in typography and graphic design.