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Mireya Cisneros

Fundacion Venezuela sin Límites
Mireya Cisneros was born in Chile and she holds a bachelor’s degree in psycho pedagogy, with particular focus on handicapped children. Mrs. Cisneros is an entrepreneur and social activist involved in Corporate Social Responsibility of all the companies owned by her and her husband, Mr. Oswaldo Cisneros. Together they are founders of Venezuela Sin Límites Foundation aiming to connect Venezuelan non-profit organizations and help disadvantaged people by strengthening education, health, and cultural activities in local communities while encouraging the media and social networks in the country to invest in the change of living conditions of the disadvantaged in Venezuela. Mrs. Cisneros has also created and continues to develop, together with her husband Oswaldo Cisneros, UNIDOS EN RED, a foundation established in Panama in February 2012. UNIDOS EN RED mission is to empower agents of social change in Latin America with strategic partnerships and facilitating and promoting the use of technology and communication.