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Randy Antik

Searching For Solutions Institute
Randy Antik lives full-time in Naples, Fla. and is chief executive officer for Searching for Solutions Institute (SFSI), a 501c3 public foundation established in 2007.Antik devoted two years to traveling across the country to meet with the top executives at the Aspen Institute, TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design), the Milken Global Institute, and many thought leaders as part of the market research in establishing SFSI in Naples. A long-time attendee of thought-leader conferences, Antik saw an unmet need for intellectual networking with a purpose and an untapped resource for bringing together like-minded people who want to effect social change and make a difference both in Southwest Florida and at a national level. In his role as chief experience officer, Randy Antik is the principal author of the “learn + involve” strategy to bring alive the vision of “enabling exceptional leaders to leverage their capabilities to effectively address social issues.” Randy travels the country meeting with potential national sponsors and speakers for the annual Imagine Solutions conference. He has built a network of thought-leaders through his long-standing associations at various conferences and is responsible for researching and securing world-class speakers for the Imagine Solutions conference.Randy Antik has spent more than 35 years in his professional career working for private families (Pritzger, Carlson, Bass) and private equity firms (Warburg Pincus and Wells, Carson, Anderson & Stowe). Randy was involved in a number of turnaround and fast growth situations with a strong emphasis on consumer products and marketing service companies. He has served in the CEO role for six companies on behalf of these major investors, representing more than $4 billion in annualized revenues. Randy Antik founded a marketing consulting firm, Swat Team Partners in 2001, where he is currently “of counsel.”Antik is passionate about education, leadership, the arts and sciences, tomorrow’s heroes and health care, where he has been involved on both a local and a national level in supporting a series of projects in the nonprofit and public sectors. These include working with nonprofit visionaries such as All Kinds of Minds, a nonprofit foundation affiliated with the University of North Carolina and Dr. Mel Levine; executive board member for Meadows School of Arts and Communications at SMU; orchestrator in the development of a wood art gallery concept in Neiman Marcus for 25 emerging artists; supporter of French Wood Artists Conclave in 2003 and 2006; involved with several major photographers in developing cultural and business affiliations including Frans Lanting, Brian Lanker and Alison Shaw; supporting Wade Davis and his work on behalf of National Geographic in anthropological studies; sponsor of Tibet Antique Arts show in the U.S. in 2000 and 2003; new project development with Wood Hole Oceanographic Institute; business sponsor of MIT Media Lab and friend to RISD, Cooper Union.Antik has served on the following boards: Sacred Heart Hospital (10 years), Outward Bound (four years), IMC2, All Kinds of Minds (founders committee), YMCA (president), U.S. Track and Field AAU, SMU Meadows School and Museum, RISD advisor to president.He holds a BA from Colby College and a graduate degree from Harvard University.