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Steve Boehlke

SFB Associates, Inc.
Founder and President
For more than 25 years Steve Boehlke has worked with students, managers and top corporate executives around the world to inspire integrity and authenticity in leadership. Steve’s message is simple: Leadership is born from having the courage to be who you are.His agility in crafting his work is demonstrated in his ability to apply leadership lessons to audiences as diverse as emerging leaders in Zagreb, Croatia to scientists and engineers participating in a collaboration conference at NASA's Johnson Space Center, to students at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa.He is founder and president of SFB Associates, a global leadership consulting practice, whose clients have included top tier leaders in many multi-national corporations as well as non-profits.His book "50 Lessons on Leading for Those with Little Time for Reading" frequently puts a smile on faces as people recognize in it creative expression of challenges we all face though may not recognize as "leadership".