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Tej Azad

Washington University in St. Louis
Tej graduated summa cum laude from Washington University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology – Neuroscience in December 2012. He will begin medical school beginning in the fall of 2013. Much of his work thus far has involved the intersection of education, health, and activism. While these interests manifested through HIV educational outreach and advocacy, Tej has become fascinated with the dynamics of food and the distinct disparities that exist in many urban areas. After reading a book by David Bornstein, he was fascinated by the potential of social entrepreneurship to affect meaningful change, particularly in the medical and public health fields. To Tej, the St. Louis MetroMarket represents an essential part of St. Louis that is yet to be realized. The opportunity to wield innovation and entrepreneurial principles to address the disparate access to healthy food in St. Louis continues to motivate Tej to build a model that can best serve his community.